The Barefoot Horse Revolution: Share Your Story!

The barefoot horse revolution is an major advancement in equine understanding that puts the power of hoof care back into the horse-owner's hands.

painting of farrier shoeing horse

During the long reign of shoeing, horse-owners have been dependent on farriers for their horses' hoof care, most believing the shoe to be a practical necessity. During this time, a blind-eye has been turned to the significant damaging effects of shoeing on the horse (see: The Importance of Natural Horse Hoof Care. Recently, more and more horse-owners are becoming aware of this, and that taking on the responsibility of natural horse hoof care is perfectly possible for anyone who sets about educating themselves properly on the subject (look at: The Natural Trim: The Solution For Healthy Horse Hoof Care.

With the development of hoof boots as an alternative hoof protection, shoeing can no longer be excused as a practical necessity.

Building Support for Owners of Barefoot Horses

Unlike shoeing, keeping your horse barefoot is a step away from convention and tradition. Many horse-owners are not ready for this, but finding out about other people's experiences of hoof trimming and keeping a horse barefoot is both educational and encouraging. If you are starting out on the barefoot horse road, you are not alone! Many horse owners have gone before you, and many more will come after as the barefoot revolution grows. barefoot horse clinic

The world of barefoot, like any equestrian sphere, is full of different opinions and methods. We ourselves went from one extreme of hoof care and trimming to the other, before finding a middle way. Everyone needs to form their own experiences, but keeping an open mind and learning from others is an essential part of evolving our thinking and methods.

This is why Happy Horse Training invites you to add your own page to the site with your own barefoot experience, such as:

  • Barefoot success stories, ideally with 'before' and 'after' pictures
  • A particular trimming method you use and how it works for you
  • Problems or difficulties you have encountered with going barefoot
  • Your experience of using hoof boots
  • Other aspects of natural horse care, such as diet and management

Do you have experience of keeping a barefoot horse?

Have you gone barefoot with your horse(s)?

Do you practice your own hoof trimming?

Do you ride or compete barefoot, or use hoof boots?

Here's your chance to share your experience on Happy Horse Training, and contribute to the barefoot revolution!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Two years after moving to Bulgaria from England, my dream to move a horse into our yard became a reality. We had fixed up the house, cleared the jungle …

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I started my barefoot journey when I took on a 16.3h TBxID who had been diagnosed with navicular at 4 yrs old! I offered him a home as an alternative to …

Lisa Wright 
I have a 5 year old gelding who has good feet and overall good conformation. I have had him a year and he has been barefoot for the last 2 months. I decided …

Going barefoot: a new lease of life 
Anibal arrived on a hot sunny day, full of arrogance. He came to me as his previous owner had problems with his behaviour - bolting had become a regular …

196 Kilometers Barefoot 
When I took the decision to go barefoot with my old boy, I had just found and bought his successor who had been barefoot for most of his life. Jura is …

back to shoes with one horse, because of arthrosis 
I am a barefoot advocate and all my horses have no shoes and for all of them this works really well, except one. GMG Special in Black is an American Quarter …

The natural trim makes all the difference Not rated yet
Q has been barefoot all his life. I bought him as a four year old and was delighted that he'd never worn a metal shoe. Despite being barefoot, his feet …

Cooperdene and his story Not rated yet
Cooperdene and I were both green when we met, Cooper, a four year old Highland of impeccable breeding and endless showing faults was introduced to the …

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